Primary School Activities

School Picnic: Grade 3

The most memorable event in students’ life is the time they spend together with their school mates and teachers beyond the four walls of the school. Students of class III got this opportunity when they went on a day’s picnic to the A.A.R.T.I Adventure Camp situated on Gandhinagar Mehsana Highway. The class was divided into two groups to visit the spot on two different days, on 21 & 23 January 2023. The adventure camp was a beautiful place enclosed by foliage and picturesque beauty. The students were excited to enjoy each and every activity. Delicious lunch was trailed by some fun skill building and group events. After the evening hi-tea, amongst loads of merriment, it was time to head back home. The stupendous day helped everyone invigorate and strengthen their bond with their teachers and class fellow.

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