PrePrimary School Activities

Culmination of Exuberant India Week

The ‘elixir of freedom’ was celebrated through a series of events to commemorate 75 years of a free and independent India at DPS Bopal Preschool which culminated on 10.08.22.

The week-long celebrations saw children doing craft work related to our national symbols, singing patriotic songs, dressing up like their favourite inspirational leader, eating tri-coloured food, dancing to the beats of patriotic songs and most importantly, dressing up in tri-coloured clothes to form a human ‘tiranga’. The awesome aerial view of the tricolour was absolutely breathtaking.  

Children were also encouraged to act upon the ‘Har Gher Tiranga’ initiative by our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji.

The frenzy of celebrations was a huge success as they managed to awaken love and a sense of belonging in young minds for their motherland!

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