DPS-Bopal Students Visit Jeevan Sandhya Ashram

The students of Delhi Public School-Bopal visited Jeevan Sandhya Ashram for ‘CSR’ activity on 16 July 2022. They interacted with the elderly at the Jeevan Sandhya Ashram, an old age home which was established in the year 1952 and offers shelter to elderly of age 60 and above. The ashram houses 130 senior citizens and nurtures them with care. The students handed over grain collected during ‘Ek Muthi Anaaj’ grain collection drive conducted by the Social Service Club students. DPS-Bopal adopted three senior citizens for a year with the funds collected through ‘Art from the Heart’ activity. ‘Art from the Heart’ is an initiative by the Fine Arts Club in which the students put up an exhibition of handcrafted artifacts and the proceeds of the same are utilised for social service. The students engaged in ‘CSR activities’ develop into life-long learners, and through experiential learning as active citizens and compassionate humans. Such activities create opportunities while learning to develop core competencies such as social awareness and empathy. Multi-tasking and balancing academics with such activities aids in developing self-management and responsible decision-making through problem solving amongst the students. Thus, one can develop and establish a caring community encouraging collaborative learning activities by weaving self-empowerment into their daily school activities.

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